Monday, October 21, 2013

Myrna think’s they might be cross dresser’s

I thoroughly enjoy this one. First, it's the latest in a string on speculation's that Igor and Oleg are actually sexeually interested in their so-called distant relative. Second, Ellen's playing [even] dumb[er than usual], and worldly girl that she is I'm amazed by Myrna's first thought that the dudes wanted women's undies for their own. Don't they have Lord & Taylor for that?

I expect Dad finds out about this whether Ellen wants him to or not. Can't wait to see how this play's out between him and his mom!

Thanks too, PM Sleuthe, and if you have further input for Ellen I'm sure she'd be GREATFULL.

Yay! Pricey Monday! I love Pricey Monday b/c I can tell my dad that I am NOT goieng to buy something and he is alway’s THRILLED.
I have to tell the HIVE something DISTURBEING about the relative’s, I think. Yesterday, I had the cleaneing lady come in do do all of the laundry and clean up after a few day’s with Igor and Oleg stayeing over. When I looked in my dresser drawer this morning to get ready for work, I saw that there were only 4 pair’s of pantie’s in the drawer. I called the cleaneing ladyand she said that she put away all the clothe’s she washed, but she did remembered foldeing only a couple of pantie’s. The cleaneing lady has been very relieable, and I am afraid that mabye Oleg or Igor took them? I have NO idea why they would take my pantie’s. Myrna think’s they might be cross dresser’s but I am pretty sure Oleg like’s women exclusiveley.
Has anyone in the HIVE ever faced this kind of probelem with their releatives? If so, how did you handel it. I do NOT want to tell my dad or Grandma Leyeh, but was thinkeing of askeing mom b/c it is NOT her side of the family. HELP!
  • Oddly enough – I use this trick on my husband (“look at this pricy thing I *didn’t* buy”) – but I wouldn’t say it works THAT well. He just sort of looks at me and goes “yes dear.”
  • PM Sleuthe :
    Unless the cleaning lady brought them home for her daughter, it sounds like one of your relatives has a fetish, but it is embarrassing to have to ask either one of them “did you borrow / steal my panties?” because no response is a good one. I recommend you go out and buy new panties for those that are missing, and be careful not to leave these relatives alone in your apartment again, because if they can steal your panties, other items can also turn up missing.


  1. I also do not think much of these guys, whether or not they are affiliated with Dad professionally or by bloodline. It seems fairly clear that they have done something they ought to be called out on. We belong to a health club where we go at lunch, and we have had issues where our gym bags have been rifled through at work. So its likely that the guys from Budapest or the cleaning lady removed her panties. Either way, its despicable.

    1. If the relatives can't bang Ellen, perhaps they are just taking back a memento or two that will be a reminder of what they were missing out on. Not something I would do, because I prefer the real thing to a pair of old panties.