Wednesday, May 8, 2013

And b/c I was not as good as his girlfreind, he decided to stick with his girlfreind?

The Sunshine Girls will attack me for gloating, but here I go: I called it! CALLED IT! I am either psychic, a co-storyteller with Ellen, or a highly cynical but logical reasoner. I suspected thrice that Philip was secretly married, and here we have a tentative conclusion that is only slightly less ghastly. FOOEY!, but YAY!!!!

The plan to test Myrna's hypothesis is mighty convoluted and contains its own weaknesses. (For example, what if he also asks Myrna out on one date and never calls again? Or what if he's totally down for dumping his current girlfreind for Myrna, but knows better than to say so in front of Ellen, who was NOT worth it?) But as nothing but an audience, I look forward to this setup scene...assuming Philip can even be lured in at all. 

Ed, that poor suburban Dad, had no idea what he was getting into here.

I love this dress! Next time I go to Bloomie’s I will stop and have a look. Thank’s KAT!
Kudo’s to the OP for trusteing your GUT! YAY! We all need to be like you even if it is dificult to do sometime’s. Last nite, Myrna told me that she think’s that Philip might already have a girlfreind so that is why he does not call or text. Myrna could be right b/c I usueally get at least a text from a guy, but mabye his girlfreind watche’s over his phone so that she can monitor his text’s. If he has a girlfreind, mabye he onley took me out b/c he was doeing Ed a favor? Why could not he just say he had a girlfreind? Or mabye he was thinkeing that mabye I would be a better girlfreind then his girlfreind so if I was he would dump her for me? And b/c I was not as good as his girlfreind, he decided to stick with his girlfreind? I realy do NOT know that answer’s but Myrna has voluntered to find out for me. I will have to talk to Rosa to see if she can get Ed to meet me and Myrna and Myrna will try and see if Philip is interested in dateing Myrna. Myrna is alot more fit then me and all the guy’s love Myrna. I hope Philip take’s the bait and we can call him on it! FOOEY on men that are NOT sincere and just take you out as if you are a car for a test drive! FOOEY!


  1. Being married is far different than merely dating someone. We continue to think Philip is a far better prospect than any of the other men that are sniffing around. Even Vinnie is being a little more respectful to us. Evidently he may have realized that women with bankable earnings are not going to drop to their knees just because he's a NYC attorney. But enough about him, we do not want Ellen to spend too much time with Myrna, as her morals have not been verified. She seems all too willing to test Philip, which to us could lead to sex as proof of his unworthiness. But we do not want for Ellen to adopt any such loose morals, because if she did, she'd be no different from the women now sleeping with Gonzalo in those squalid walk ups on Lexington avenue.

    The last thing anyone of us wants is for Ellen, hungry for marriage and a child, to hook up with some circus clown who will use her and then soak her once they have had their fun with her. We, like Ellen, may be challenging to live with, but we have the financial wherewithall to get over the rough spots once we have found a guy worth marrying and sleeping with. We expect no less from Ellen.

    1. I'm glad your colleague Mr. Kutza has cleaned up his act at least a little bit, though you're in no rush to credit me with this change. As for Myrna, I think her heart is in the right place, but hope she will post to defend herself if she see's fit.

      If you feel Philip would still be worthy after dumping his current girlfriend, you may want to tell Ellen's Dad that you feel this way. I think he would make life VERY difficult for this prospective son-in-law as things stand now, and that doesn't help given Ellen's limited years of fertility.