Thursday, October 31, 2013

as oposed to just liveing with your boyfreind

Alan of course did get some free milk, but Ellen can boast it was never cohabitation. I can just see the steam coming out of Leyeh's ears and Dad's nose...

Yay! I love pearl’s and Grandma Leyeh has a beautiful set of pearl earings, necklace and a BROOCH that she said she is leaveing to me in her will. She said I could have it b/c I do not normaly wear alot of jewlery and this was from the old country, where pearl’s were very rare.
As for the OP, I recomend you tell them you are getting MARRIED and they should be very receptive if you are any good, and after all, you NOT get married often and better you go BEFORE you start, rather then start, then go on a honey moon. Beside’s it’s only a 1 year fellowship and they should respect that you are getting MARRIED as oposed to just liveing with your boyfreind, which is what ALAN wanted to do. FOOEY on him, b/c I was told that he did NOT want to buy the cow b/c I was giveing him free milk. Unfortuneately that was true but I have gotten alot smarter from my experience, and I will NOT let a boyfreind live with me, burp and eat my food, clean his dirty clothe’s etc, etc unless we are at least engaged to be MARRIED. FOOEY on that. But You are very lucky. YAY!


  1. Yes, thank goodness that pig did not move in, though from what we read, he as much as did. And never even followed up with marriage after having her do everything for him. What a slob.

  2. You find any male to be a pig. Try looking in the mirror! Men dont want women who are masculine. Figure it out now? We work hard so when we come home there are only a few things we want to do. Ok?