Tuesday, September 17, 2013

24-36 hour’s for anything resembeling a date

Do we agree with turning down David on the principle of no late-notice dates? Was anyone equally fussy as an 8th grader? 

Note that the date for Willem's company gala next month is on.
I agree and I love color block’ed dresse’s like this one, but I have NOT gone into Bloomies in the last coupel of week’s. FOOEY! b/c it is not that expensive. Dad has been monitoring my credit card’s more closely since I bought my new fall coat ($340 at L&T), so I have to watch it, but I am wearing it today! YAY! It is chilly out and I decided to take the subway b/c it is to nice to wear with a fitbit walk, tho I will walk at lunch with my fitbit and nike air shoe’s.
I decided NOT to meet David downtown yesterday. He did NOT give me much notice and I am not going to follow him around like a puppy dog. Myrna agreed. He need’s to give me AT LEAST 24-36 hour’s for anything resembeling a date, not just “meet me at West Broadway and 13th” or whatever. Fooey on that. I am not an 8th grader, and expect alot more from him or anyone else that want’s to date me.
Today, Myrna is comeing over at 3, and we are leaveing early to take in another museum around the corner. She get’s free admission from her company. I should ask the manageing partner if he can get us free admission for our law firm, so I would not have to pay the admission price, b/c it is so very expensive to go to museum’s otherwise and I would rather get good takeout for that price. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Willem called today on my cell (finaly), and I said that I would go with him, but that he would need to stay in the car when it drove me back from the Barclay’s center, b/c I do not want to drive alone after midnite with some guy from a 3rd world country. He said he would so that is setteled! Yay! I will have to tell mom & dad, b/c they usueally call every week nite and this is a Thursday nite, so I do not want them to think I am out that late. I think I will take off from Work on Friday, b/c I will not be that effective if I go to bed around 2 a.m. Fooey! I have just finished the Powerpoint Slide’s for the manageing partner. The CLE peeople asked for alot of changes, which I now just made for the manageing partner. I am invited to go but the manageing partner has NOT yet got the OK for me to sit on the DAIS as a speaker b/c I am NOT listed in the CLE flyer as a presenter. He said he is workeing on it tho. YAY!


  1. Ellen should not be so demanding. If she is to be married with child in utero in time for the big payoff from the old lady, she should be prepared to conceive now with the first guy willing to marry her, not chiding a guy who may be the best choice to fertilize her rapidly aging ovum.

  2. I don't know if you have seen this (I only began reading about four months ago), but I just came across the comments to this article: http://www.brooklyndaily.com/stories/2012/12/kc_shulhop_2012_03_23_bk.html
    It seems Alan realizes the ramifications of his actions.