Monday, September 9, 2013

HUSBAND Materiale

Note that Willem must be calling Ellen's land line at work; apparently he either does not have her cell number or is trying to make it look like business. 

Third alternative: it actually is business and he's at least ambivalent about Ellen. Speaking of Sam, where the hell is he? 
They have these at LORD and TAYLOR I think also! And you can try them on and walk all over w/o buying them if you want. If you don’t like them you just leave them for the guy to put away. I did that and then did NOT buy, but then I decided I liked them and I do buy, so it work’s out! YAY!!!!
Willem called me. It is so much nicer then texteing me, tho Lynn now know’s there is another guy in the picture. I try and keep my personal life seperete from work, but that is NOT possibel when a guy CALLS rather then text’s. He is a cleint of the firm so mabye she think’s it is busness. Whatever. Willem want’s to take me out to eat, so I said mabye later this week. He seems VERY persistent, but he does NOT know about Grandma Leyeh’s deal, yet, and I do NOT know for sure if he is HUSBAND Materiale. Time will tell, and there is alway’s David and Roberta’s son (I forgot his name). So I do have other prospect’s! YAY!!!!!

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