Saturday, September 7, 2013

I never get greazy stuff

Thank's for your patience! I was indeed absent for a few days there. By this point all readers understand that it's always about my weight or measurements--you understand how urgent but ultimately hopeless this is. 

I note here that while Harold wants to meet up in the city and Ellen suspects his premise, there's no more mention of them being near-neighbors. Did he move?
This is what the manageing partner does! Everything with a fork and knife, even a banana at work! I think Margie must have told him his hand’s were filthy and NOT to put them directley on Food, so he eat’s with a knife and fork–also fried chicken Yay!
When I go out to eat, I never get greazy stuff; onley salad’s and sometime’s chicken in the salad. I also love Cobb Salad and Waldorf Salad if I am in a dessertey mood but want something filling. At the party there was alot of potatoe salad that Margie made, but it was bakeing in the sun and Grandma Leyeh always says NEVER to eat potatoe salad (or coal slaw) that has been sitteing or bakeing in the sun. So I didn’t.
The flank steak was a bit chewey, tho the manageing partner said he was marinateing it all night. I thought it was OK, but had alot of it as well as alot of corn on the cob stuck in my teeth all afternoon. FOOEY!
Harold said we should meet in the City, but I do NOT think he even work’s. His father kept ooogeleing me, but I am used to that. He had the woman with him again. I am sure they are very close by now. I wonder whether Willem will text me. He is a cleint already I think with Madeline and the manageing partner, but I am not sure what kind of work I could do for him in bankeing. I think he might be interested in me not only b/c I am a lawyer, but b/c I have a littel expereince in deriveatives with Myrna I could tell him about.

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