Thursday, September 12, 2013

read’s the NY Post for hours after lunch

Is it possibel to read the Post for "hours"? Not much there...

Good to know we're finding out relatively soon about where MANAGEING & Manageing is moving.
I hate this also, even tho I sit in my own office, I am very close to everyone, and I must keep my door OPEN b/c I have no air otherwise. I can hear Frank all the time on the phone and also he like’s to GRUNT alot, particulareley after lunch. He also has alot of digestive issues that are GROSS that I will NOT go into, and since he sit’s right next to the bathroom, he is ALWAYS in there first and he sit’s and read’s the NY Post for hours after lunch, so I have to use the hallway bathroom and there I see peeople from other companies as well as peeople from the outside who get into our building to use the toilet’s. That bathroom is also kind of gross and the janitor’s come in unannounced to see if the toilet paper needs a new roll, and they stare at me alot when I am fixeing myself up afterward, so it is not fun for peeople who have crappy offices like I do. FOOEY!
Soon we will be moveing, either to a place on 3rd Avenue, or another dumpier place on Madison. The manageing partner says he is still negotieating, and will let us know by November 1. YAY!!!!!


  1. Is Madison ave a tip or is she misleading us?

    1. Only one way to find out. We will know when they actually move!