Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I used to take the manageing partner’s laundry out

If you are JUST starteing out, you must be cheerful and accept all ASSIGNEMENTS, tho some will clearly be secretarial in nature. After all, you are the newbey and must take it all from every partner who wants to dump thing’s on you. They say they are testing your metal, so just be kind and accept the work.
But do NOT let this extend to personal thing’s. I used to take the manageing partner’s laundry out, but now Lynn does this. I do bring back cookie’s from Crumb’s, but that also benefit’s me (tho not my tuchus), so I do not mind that.
Also, do NOT date peeople at work. You are there to work, not socialize. There will be men who will want to date you and sleep with you. Do NOT do it. There are plenty of fish outside your little pond that are equal or better then the guys who want to date you in the firm. This is important b/c if you should break up (which usueally happens), the guy will tell about EVERYTHING you did with him. I had this probelem with Alan, and he did not even work for my firm! FOOEY on him!!!
So seperate work from play; work hard and if your lucky, like me, you can become a partner!!! YAY!!!


  1. Ellen is right about not dating people at work, but also she should not date guys like Gonzalo.

  2. She'd be changing the sheets daily if we were having at it!

    1. Why is that, Vinny? Certainly not because of anything sexual. The only thing I can think of us your potential incontinence. That would not sit well with Ellen or any other one of us gals.