Thursday, September 12, 2013


Interesting--I wouldn't have pegged MP as the type to take seriously that women get groped on crowded train cars. This is like the one thing he's ever done of which I approve. 

Interesting move on Sam's part: attacking Willem's employer for its too-conservative revenue model. Ellen doesn't heed, but her Dad might...

Me too. I have been working my tuchus off (figureatively) so I have not had alot of time to post. I wish I could work off a few pound’s from my tuchus, but that does not work that way. Sam texted me today even tho I said I would have to tell him first whether he should text me. He knows I was talkeing to Willem at the party and he said that Willem’s bank is strictely second rate. I say FOOEY as long as he is makeing money and can support me, that is all that matters.
Today I took the Subway to work b/c it was so hot out and some guy kept rubing up against me in the train. I did NOT get a seat b/c I get on at 86th in the morning and it is express where peeople all push to get on. If I was to go 77th, I could probabely get a seat, but that is slow. Anyway, this guy kept rubing my tuchus with his leg and I told him to stop b/c he did NOT have to be that close. I had to get off at 59th b/c he kept rubing my tuchus, and I waited for the next train. When I got to work, I told the manageing partner, and he said I should have talked to the MTA police and taken his picture with my Iphone. But where were they when this guy was rubing my tuchus? I did not get this guy’s name, but next time I will remember to take his picture with my Iphone. FOOEY!


  1. MP is a jack-ass, I agree, but everyone has some redeeming qualities.

    What is with the backlog? You do a workwoman's job on this, but you have to keep up so that the rest of us don't have to scroll through all of the tripe on Corporette to find the few hidden Ellen-Gems!

    Hope all is well with you and that your own Tuchis is under control!

    1. You get what you pay for, right Vinnie? My tuchus is always raging out of control, and you can imagine how strict my Dad is getting. But I am sorry that the blog has suffered a bit. I TRY!!!