Monday, September 23, 2013

Dad left me feeleing guilty

Posing as her own friends, Ellen has already been abundantly clear in answering this question: yes, Sam does deserve another go, and indeed the benefit of the doubt all the way up to the altar. Notice that the prospect of her actually taking care of her own finances wasn't entertained all that long. I will remind yet again that my readers prioritize Ellen's independence first and engagement-->marriage-->fecundity second, so any resolution that includes either outcome would be fairly popular. 

For the OP, I would have him talk to a HEAD-HUNTER, b/c they know where they can place him. Head-Hunter’s get a percentage of salary for placeing him, so they are the best to see what they can do for him. Usueally, you will NOT have to pay the Head-Hunter; that is the responsibility of the firm that is LOOKEING for your husband. You are VERY lucky to have such an accomplished husband! I hope to have the same soon. YAY!
Question for the HIVE:
My dad called me up last nite to chew me OUT for NOT dateing Sam. Evidently Sam called dad to complain that I am pusheing him off even after DAD gave him the green light. I told dad he has NO BUSNESS butteing into my personal life and handing me over to SAM, like a peice of MEAT. Dad say’s he is tired of doeing all of my book-keepeing and he want’s to retire and hand it over to a guy like ED, but Ed is busy with Rosa, and I should be MARRIED at this point with my OWN MAN to do all of the financeal stuff.
I told dad I was MORE then capable of doeing my own financeal stuff, and that I did NOT have to be married to be independent. Morover, I told him that I am admitted to the NYS Bar, and I did that on my own, so if I have to, I can pay my OWN bills and manage my own credit card’s. Dad said that Sam is good for me and that I should date him and marry him. I told him he picked his nose, and he said “so what?” He said he was alot worse and mom married him!
Dad left me feeleing guilty that I have NOT given Sam a fair shake. I think I have, tho. What does the HIVE think? Should I date him? I have troubel thinking of that Temper Pedic matress and sleepeing with him. FOOEY!

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  1. Dad is an ass. Ellen should learn to balance her own checkbook and be rid of his bullying. She also should send him back the fitbit and tell dad that men like women with a tuchis (look at Dad himself--mom's tuchus is large, no?). Time for Ellen to stand up to him, and find the guy who will treat her right, reserving sexual activities only for that guy, and not the slobs who have had her in the past, like Allen.