Thursday, September 19, 2013

and then put rice on it over nite

And here we have our answer as to why there wasn't more Ellen yesterday. Not much story here, but she did seem to try to make up for the lost volume in text.

I would like to see these museum’s also, but dad says I can NOT spend money to travel as long as I keep buying clothe’s. FOOEY! I would like to buy clothe’s to travel in, but he say’s I have to many clothes already.
I could not post today at work b/c Frank spilled coffee on my computer when he was leaning over me lookeing down my blouse. I realy got mad b/c he did NOT need to be leaning over me to begin with, especialy with coffee that he spilled over the lap top.
The manageing partner had to call the teck guy to come see what he could do and he did NOTHING other then stare at the screen, then at me, then at my boobie’s and then back at the screen. He suggested that we get a hair dryer and blow dry the lap top and then put rice on it over nite to dry out. I said that was dumb b/c it was wet INSIDE the lap top from Frank’s coffee.
The manageing partner said that I probabely need a new computer anyway, and that after we move to the new place, he was going to replace all computer’s with HP Ultrabook’s. I said why dont we just all get MacBook’s and he said they were to expensive. I told him I had a Macbook air at home but not everything worked with the office so we should all have the same thing, and he said he was NOT willing to spend $2000 per person when his freind at HP said he could do it for about $800 per person. I told him I did NOT like window’s and my dad suggested in his business recomendation’s that the firm go MAC with Macbook Pro’s or Desktop Mac’s. The manageing partner did NOT agree with Dad, even tho dad has alot of teck experience from the milatary.
I did next to nothing at work today, b/c my computer had coffee all over it and in it and we could NOT get it to turn on again b/c it was soaked. The teck guy said he could mabye transfer my files to a new machine after it dried out, but we have NO new machine to transfer it to!!!! FOOEY b/c I have case’s that are on my drive that I have to make motion’s for next week. Roberta and the Supermarkit Guy’s need to know that I will have to ask for a CONTINUEANCE in their cases. I supose that is OK, b/c the manageing partner is willing to sign an affidavid stating same and have Frank co-sign, b/c it was HIS coffee that ruined my computer — all b/c he was stareing at my boobies! FOOEY. I will have to wear turtelneck’s from now on, now that it is getteing cold out.
I think that the teck guy will tell the manageing partner to get me a lease computer for now until we get new computer’s in December. The teck guy now want’s to date me also, but he is kind of gross.

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  1. The tech guy at my place is also a dork, tho he'd never cheat on me if I let him make love to me, but I'm afraid he'd get it in the wrong place.