Saturday, September 28, 2013


Thank you, Sunshine, for bringing to my attention this missed post. We need a name for the judge's nephew if this goes any further. 

Meanwhile, I have no problem at all with this silent standoff between Ellen and Dad (see top of P. 3). She seems to have concluded that if he insists on total authority over her finances, she can take an exploitative stance on it and cut off all other angles in their relationship, including his authority over whom she dates. I wonder who will cave first. (Actually, I don't...)

Hug’s to you. You will do OK if you keep your chin up! You should try the hotmail website, I think now called b/c not that many peeople use it.
I think there was a probelem with this websight today. I could NOT get on and the manageing partner wanted to know why I was swareing at his PC! I told him it was b/c the key’s were all sticky. FOOEY b/c he like’s to drink coffee with SUGAR, and his sticky fingers are all over the key’s!
Mom called and told me that dad was still mad at me and will NOT be calling me until I set up a date with Sam. I told her that Sam’s nose pickeing was gross and I could NOT beleive that his car radio was full of booger’s! I said Dad did NOT have to talk to me as LONG AS HE PAID ALL OF MY BILLS. I know he like’s to talk to me b/c I have a law degree and can tell him all about my court apearance’s! He will call soon I am sure. I was in court today and the judge asked me if I wanted to meet his nephew, who is a busnessman in Queen’s. I said mabye (but I ask the HIVE why not), b/c all of the loosers I am dateing do NOT want to get married and his nephew does. He is 36 year’s old and has his OWN small busness.
The danger I see is that if it does NOT work out, the judge will get mad and I will NOT win all of my cases any more. I am worried about that. On the other hand, if it DOES work out, I can get MARRIED and get $50,000 from Grandma Leyeh! YAY!!!! I have to decide quick–is there any CONCENSUS in the HIVE about this? I will follow your advise… but HELP b/c I am goeing back into court on Thursday!!!! FOOEY!!!!


  1. The poor nephew may turn out like the pickle guy on Crossing Delancy. Spielberg is no longer with that woman.

    1. The pickle guy wound up marrying her, so that is great!