Saturday, September 14, 2013

driveing me back from BROOEKELYN

Well, Willem is certainly getting serious here--asking Ellen out for this event as much as 5-6 weeks in advance? Amid all the qualms about transportation, she doesn't seem conflicted at all about whether to go. This probably means Sam continue's to be swatted away and anyone we meet for the rest of September and into October is going to have to measure up.

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! Kat, I love Fruegel Friday’s and this sweater, tho I would be schvitzeing if I wore it yesterday! I supose it’s for the winter, right? And I would have to wear a cami so that Frank would NOT be stareing at me. FOOEY on his stareing!
As for the OP, you should just copy and paste what you said here. Say you want to take some classe’s and you would like to come in and talk about it. NO more, no less. As for your freind, unless you need to use her name, I would NOT, unless your freind is doeing real well there and is current on her bills to the school.
Willem invited me to go with him to some sort of Swanky affair his bank is holdeing at the Barcleay’s center next month. There is goeing to be a dinner, black tie for men, and I guess I will wear a black skirt with Ann Taylor shoe’s, and then there is some kind of concert to follow. Willem say’s he will have a car to drive me home b/c it will be late and he will not want to come uptown. I wonder—is this right? Should he not take me back home in the car to my place–he can alway’s stay in the car but I do NOT want to be in a car with some guy late at night driveing me back from BROOEKELYN and over the bridge after midnite. I do NOT know my way around and the guy I will NOT know. I think Willem should NOT just put me in a car after midnite and tell some driver (who could be from a 3rd world country) to drive me into Manahattan all by myself. And some of them are kind of skuzzy, especialy those that work the night shift, no? FOOEY!
Am I paranoid? What does the HIVE think? I will follow your advise on this, but do NOT want to aleinate Willem if I should be abel to trust the driver. In any event, I have a decent weekend planned. I go home tonite with Myrna, eat with Mom and Dad, spend a day with all of them in tempel tomorrow, and then drive back with Myrna Saturday night, and go to a musuem on Sunday with Myrna. Sam tried to tag along, but I said NO b/c I want to spend time with Myrna. YAY!!!!!

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