Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mabye she is not such a shtick in the mud after all

Actually, I think Dad's regular check-ups in Ellen's apartement are totally justified. She, her mom, and Margie have all demonstrated how far they will go to hide their silly expenditures from men, so Dad has good reason to [trust, but] verify.

I love this kind of skinny belt, but my dad come’s in to my apartement at least every other week even if I am NOT there to see what new stuff I have bought. I do NOT understand why he need’s to b/c he get’s all of my credit card bill’s to pay. What does he think, that I am buying stuff with CASH and it will not show up? I alwway’s use my credit card so that I can return it if it does NOT fit. I got a nice belt at H&M with my 20% coupon and I am wearing it now! Even Madeline said nice thing’s about it. YAY! Mabye she is not such a shtick in the mud after all, but she has been so MEAN to me that the jury is out on that.
I will wear my new belt to court TOMORROW, so the JUDGE can see it with my new RED dress. He love’s me in RED I think, but when there was the last chambers meeting, he said why don’t I ever where my black dress into court any more? I said that it was a winter wool so it was to hot, and he said he is lookeing forward to winter! I am sure he likes that dress on me, so I told the manageing partner and the manageing partner wanted me to wear it right away. FOOEY I said b/c it is still to hot and the dress is still in cold storage. I will get it mabye in October, but NOT before b/c I will wear it ONLEY in court until mabye April. Mabye I will be able to apply to be a judge with that dress on. We will see. In the mean time, I have to prepare for tomorow, and also get the manageing partner’s CLE materials finalized THIS week. DOUBEL FOOEY!

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