Saturday, September 14, 2013

abel to support me in the lifestyle that I want.

More from Sam on Willem's earnings potential. Let's see some tax returns! Willem is at least 4 years older, and one has to believe that knowing to avoid nose-picking and junk-flashing may have been noticed and appreciated around bonus time. 

In case anyone thought Leyeh was going to change the terms or extend the deadline for Ellen's marriage stipend--I sure didn't--you get the buzzer sound. I do wonder, however, if Ellen misses this one, will Leyeh outline a new plan with an even higher sum and an even shorter time frame? The shared goal remains the same, but with increasing urgency: Ellen saved from spinsterhood. 

This is what I was worried about in my first apartement. There were all kind’s of vermen skurryeing around — mice, bug’s and roache’s. So when I said to my Dad, I did NOT go to law school and become a member of the NY Bar — in good standeing — to live like THIS, with a room mate that alway’s had a grungy guy around 24/7, stinkeing up our bathroom and burpeing after drinkeing milk out of the carton– Dad agreed!!!
So my dad said he would buy me an apartement (just a coop), and I could live in a better place where I could meet a decent guy who would MARRY me and we would be abel to live in even a BETTER place together (Yay!). So I got this cute apartement where it is all decorated by Mom’s freind (a profesional designer), but I STILL have not found MR RIGHT to marry me and let me move up in the world to a 3 BEDROOM, which is what we would need with a Balcony and a swimming pool on the roof, in Tribeacca. That is what I would like and deserve, but Sam is not measureing up and Willem is according to Sam, who is prejudice, not abel to support me in the lifestyle that I want.
So I want to be along way better then the mice infested roach trap I lived in on 89th, and have made some steps to get there, but hope to be MARRIED and with child before next September, which Grandma Leyeh reminded me over the holiday mean’s I have to get busy before YEAR END. FOOEY! Because the guy’s I have now are not those that I want to marry and I will NOT sleep with anyone without at least a ring. DOUBEL FOOEY!


  1. Ellen has stepped up in the world, but she might be a little unreasonable in her expectations/demands of men. Guys who can provide this level of housing have to be multimillionaires in NYC, but why would they choose Ellen to marry? They can have their pick of models 10 years younger than her who are already long in the tooth(for their line) and the only thing left for them by their mid 20's is to marry a sugar daddy and start popping out babies. This is stiff competition for a loud and demanding gal like Ellen. Guys don't want to get browbeaten, even by a woman with a brain like Ellen. Rather, most prefer a romantic welcome after a day at work, not a demand to go out for Thai food from a gal who has been lounging by the pool all day eating Nutella. Ellenwatch, you should exert your influence by resetting downward Ellens expectations in a guy.

    At this point, virtually any gainfully employed guy over 40 would be a great catch, even the guy from the Parks Dept, because he would likely stick with her once her looks fate and her tuchus grows to epic proportions. Heck, even Jim would be a good choice, even if his apartment smells.

    Ellen should focus her energy on a guy likely to marry her now, even if it means her opening up sexually even before she gets that ring. I agree she should not just settle, but if Alan should make another play for her, she should go for it willingly, as he is a known quantity, and time is short, as grandma is not going to live forever either.

    1. Are you saying that Ellen's inheritance from Leyeh is at risk if she is still single when the senior lady dies? Is there some provision in the will about this? Or just that Dad will take everything unless there's a man to intervene on Ellen's behalf? Otherwise I'm not sure how Leyeh's mortality is a problem, either for Ellen's finances or relationship status. If anything...