Thursday, September 19, 2013

Between the VEEGAN stuff and the nose pickeing

Obviously no surprise at this point: Sam is out. We'll see if he put's up as much of a fight as David, especially 14 months from now. (Not that it will matter, as Ellen will be married and staying home with her toddler.)

This is exactely what I do! There is a shoe guy on Lex that know’s me very well b/c he is ALWAYS repeairing my shoe’s. I damage so many shoe’s on the curb’s and other place’s in the City that my dad says they should sell shoe insurance! But for $25, he fixes all my shoe’s and boot’s. He also scrape’s my NIKE’s when it get’s caked up with mud and dog poopie that I are NOT abel to get out myself. He says I am his best customer b/c I also have him shine all of my shoe’s every month so that I look VERY profesional in court and with my CLEINT’s! YAY!
I decided not to date Sam any more. Between the VEEGAN stuff and the nose pickeing, I decided I could NOT marry him. I also did NOT like it when he let me see his weenie either. FOOEY b/c he wanted to sleep with me on his TEMPUR PEDIEC MATTRES, and I would NOT do that. Now I hope David or Willem step up and be a mensh, so that I can get MARRIED and have a child NOW! YAY!!!!

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  1. Ellen, at her age, ought to be humping every guy she meets, even on the first date, if she expects to pops young 'un out in time for the payoff! After 30, the odds of getting pregnant go down 25% unless she is having sex 23 days per month. So the time for being demure is past; she should dress provocatively, lose the panties, and not be afraid to let men "date" her, even on a tempur PEDIC mattress full of buggers! Sam has bucks, so she should put out first for him if she wants to be rich. Encourage her now, Ellenwatch!