Monday, September 23, 2013

to assertive for his taste’s

So, Ellen is blowing off Sam's calls and starving him of attention even when he gets into naked fisticuffs at her boss' house, and he complains that she's to assertive? The nerve, and I mean that.

You are so lucky. I techicaly can be considered a petite, sizewize, but unfortunately, the cut of many of the skirt’s are way to tight for me right now — Grandma Leyeh says it’s b/c of mom’s side of the family. FOOEY! So even tho Rosa can wear all petites, I can NOT. It has NOT stopped men from wanting to date me, and I do NOT think it is because they like bigger tuchusses, but b/c they like my PERSONALITY. I am smart, bubbley, and have a good job, and that is what men like. I disagree with my dad, who want’s me to be more demure. I REFUSE to just say to men that they are the boss and I should just do what they say and NOT question it. Dad says Sam think’s I am to assertive for his taste’s and that I should tone it down. Mabye that is what they do in ENGLAND, but in the USA, we women are ENTITLED to have our own opinion’s on things! YAY! I refuse to be a YES woman to a guy who pick’s his nose, anyway, b/c what would that make me? FOOEY!

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  1. Ellen should not be demure. A guy needs to be kept in line and women have been all too careful not to make waves. I say when a man is an ass, we have to call them out on it. If we stay quiet, they only get worse and then we can really have a problem reigning them in later. When a man is a jerk, call them out on it. Most guys will fall into line, as they do want to have sex, and we control that too.