Saturday, September 14, 2013

b/c I would have aksed them first

This is about as close as Ellen ever gets to witty repartee. Good thing the Tek-Geek didn't misinterpret!

Mine is OK, Kat, I do NOT have any virusses! Yay! Mabye Woods-Comma-Elle should get a VIRUSS checker to make sure her machine is NOT infected! I hope it isn’t b/c when I was in law school, I let a guy borrow my PC (it was NOT a Mac) and he visited some dirty site’s and I wound up getting pop up messages of women doieing dirty things to men, and I did NOT want to have these POP-UPs show up, so I took my machine to a GEEK place on 29rd and Pennsylvania and he SCRUBBED my hard drive clean of the viruses, and charged me onley $5.
The guy who looked a littel like Urkel from the TV show and he wanted to know if I knew any women that were Tek-Geek’s at GW that might want to go out with him. I said that I did NOT b/c I would have aksed them first to fix my machine.
So to make along story short, you should bring it to a Geek unless you are at work, and then you should get your IT guy to fix it. (Our IT guy likes to stare at all the women — FOOEY!)

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