Saturday, September 14, 2013

how you can help their organizeation

Clarification of the potential tuchus explosion we heard about a few days ago. Even though I said I didn't want it. 

Yay! Open thread’s!!!! I love open thread’s!!!!! And I am eating chicken soup tonite hopefully, but not alot of matzo balls. FOOEY b/c last week I almost had an accident from all the matzo balls I ate. And Rosa’s baby’s were unloadeing all over the place after she and Ed went out to visit freind’s! DOUBEL and TRIPEL FOOEY on the poopie!
As for the OP, you should Interview just like you would for a law firm. The inhouse peeople are happy to get a law firm person b/c you probably work alot harder then they do and if you get hired, they will off load alot of their tough work to you b/c you know how to work efficently for a living. I think you will be surprised how smart you are, b/c the inhouse guy’s probabley do NOT read their 10k’s or whatever else you just read and know not that much more about their company’s then you do. For example, Jim work’s in house and he spends most of his time figureing out what to buy for lunch and dinner, and where to go to find the best food in town. He knows alot about food, but he is not a legal scholear. I was the one that had to come up with the ANTI-TRUST theores for Jim even tho it is HIS company that I did the Acquisiton work for in Saint Louis.
Now Roberta is sharp, but she does NOT like to get up in court. That is my job. She is happy to see me do all of the dirty work on her cases. The same even goe’s for the banker’s I am working for. Tho the legal guy’s at the bank are smart, they rely on me (and the manageing partner)to do all of their heavy lifteing for them. So trust me, you sound like you have nothing to worry about. Just be confident, don’t be a wall flower, and do NOT be afraid to tell them how you can help their organizeation. Kudo’s in advance to you!
I can’t stay to do alot more reading today b/c MYRNA is pickeing me up with her car and we are heading out directly thru the MIDTOWN TUNNEL TO LI. YAY! I love LI and eateing home cooking. It is alot better then the take out we have to eat in the City. FOOEY! Dad is makeing me walk 2 miles with him and Myrna tonite after dinner, so I hope it is NOT humid out like yesterday. FOOEY! I got drenched yesterday. FOOEY!!!
Happy weekend to the HIVE! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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