Saturday, September 7, 2013

What is goieng on?

See highlight. I'm fascinated at the prospect that Ellen is only now realizing that no, in fact, she has no more power over her working life or marriage than she does over her diet, exercise routine or bank accounts. Hello, Ellen? Although you've managed to convey it masterfully as narrator, you're actually the character with the least agency in your story. It's like the big reveal on the Truman Show--except that even if it does sink in for our protagonist, she is bound to forget it tomorrow and return to oblivious acquiescence. 

Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight! 

I can not wear white b/c of the subway, and peeople who are sloppy alway’s spilling soda and ice cream and they are NOT even suposed to be bringeing in food into the subway. If I ran the MTA, I would not stop and frisk for weapon’s but would stop the food b/c all of the rats are also eating in the subway what these peeople drop. FOOEY!
Sam texted me alot when I was in the car with Roberta and I had 2 message’s on my phone when I got home. Evidently the manageing partner and him have some sort of arrangement and dad also wants me to date and marry Sam. What is goieng on? Do I not have a say in who I am to work with and marry? This is getting ridiculous! It is NOT like he is the ONLEY one that is interested in me. Just this weekend, Willem (an older man) seems to be interested in me also, and not just for my body. He asked alot of probeing question’s and said I was very intellegeint lawyer who he looked FORWARD to workeing with! YAY! Finaly a man who want’s me for my legal MIND! YAY!
I have to run to court now and see if the Judge likes my red dress and new belt! YAY!

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  1. Ellen, your job is to look cute and service your man.