Sunday, September 22, 2013

a veegan who will NOT take me serious

Blessed is Wildkitten for approaching Ellen with not one but two bits of compassionate advice. She did ask, after all! (As she so often does!) 

The suggestion with Sam is an interesting one. He does seem to be takeing a fairly unilateral approach to dating, with Ellen at least, so mixing that up might help. At the same time, his reading of what she (and Dad) want is by and large correct. If Ellen tried to renegotiate the terms with him directly, it would be an even more important change for her than it would be for him. She did mention a chemical attraction to him, so maybe that will provide the motivation? 

UPDATE: Alice and Susie chime delightfully in. The issue is that these are both historic Sunshine Girl names as well as straight-faced Corporette commenter names. Anyone want to take responsibility as the real or fake voices here?

YAY!!! Open Thread’s! I love Open Thread’s and I wish that I could go, but I have to work and do NOT even have a computer b/c Frank ruined mine. FOOEY!
I am useing the manageing partner’s computer until mine is either fixed or I get a NEW one. Dad says I should get a new one or sell my Macbook to the FIRM and get a new one for home.
What would the hive suggest? I think the manageing partner should see how much different the macbook’s are. I wonder if they are waterproof? Does anyone in the hive have experence with water or coffee on a macbook? If I can show the manageing partner that they will NOT get ruined if we spill coffee on them, mabye we can get macbook’s!!!!!! YAY!!!
I told Sam not to call. He still think’s that he has the inside track, he told Myrna, b/c Dad gave him the green light! But I told dad that I am dateing and not him. FOOEY for dad trying to push Sam on me, especialy b/c dad does NOT know Sam is NOT circumscribed. FOOEY! And Sam alway’s bring’s up stayeing over on his TemperPedeic mattres!
Why would I sleep with a veegan who will NOT take me serious? I have a JD and am NOT a bimbo, but men do NOT give me credit for my brain’s. They think only to have sex with me and that Is NOT what I want, obviousley. FOOEY!
I will be leaveing early to meet Myrna. We are heading to the MET to MEET MEN. Myrna says that most men there are NOT interested in women, but there should at least be a few we can meet and date. With any luck, I need to get MARRIED soon, so I hope there is one guy lookeing for a woman like me to marry. I am smart, cute and have a great courtroom manner, the judge says! YAY!!!!
  • Wildkitten :
    I love my macbook and I have a speck case and a moshi keyboard cover. The combination isn’t waterPROOF but it has saved my computer against several spills.
    Maybe you should tell Sam you don’t feel like he’s taking you seriously and see what happens? It sounds like he’s very interested, so maybe he would change his feathers if he knew what you wanted from the relationship.
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    It makes no sense to me why Ellen dumped Sam. He has a great job, apartment, and seemed willing to consider Ellen for marriage! All I see bad is that he picked his nose. All the guys I’ve dated we’re a lot worse. Most piced other parts of their body too, often in front of me. Some wanted me to pay for meals, and others cheated on me. The vegan thing is not a minus, and Sam seems to like Ellen’s fat tush, so he’s a keeper. If she hangs out at museums, she is sure to meet guys who are bi- and they won’t be beating a pAth either to have sex with, let alone marry her.
    Give Sam another chance, and David too!

    • No!! Sam is disgusting, he also flashed E. E is a nice Jewish girl and deserves a distinguished gentleman like Willem!


  1. Assuming arguendo that Ellen is chemically attracted to. Sam (whatever that means) she should give Sam a chance in bed. Once she figures out if he can satisfy her (and she him), this can be the start of a great international romance!��

    Of course this means Ellen will have to take her clothes off to get full effect, which is what her dad wanted when he gave Sam the green light. If Sam does sleep with her, it's wedding bells!!! Yay!

    1. Ellen, save yourself for a guy who will treat you right. That is why they call it "privates". Keep yours away from men who just want to have sex. Like Sam or Allen, or even the Jewish guy.