Monday, September 16, 2013

economicaly compateible

I had to give it this title because I think it's a genius euphemism. Like all the best ones, it dresses up a statement highly unflattering to the speaker and makes it sound somehow technical/analytic. Meanwhile I am totally baffled by Dad's moves here: low-earning David is acceptable, with Dad himself making up for his shortcomings, where Willem is disqualified for his first name? I'm not a huge fan either, but since when is Dad the bleeding heart aesthete? 

Yay! I love this pleated dress, and have been to BERGDORFF’s onley last week!
As for the OP, I have not been to Switzerland, but I love Swiss Chocolate. When we were dateing, Alan got me Lint Chocolate’s from Switzerland and they have their own place on 5th Avenue, where they give out FREE CHOCOLATE. Yay!
This weekend, I did NOT get any food on Saturday morning, tho Dad had a cup of coffee, then we all prayed for a while and David was there talkeing to Dad, and now I promised dad I would let David take me out and try again. I told him I do NOT think we are economicaly compateible, but Dad say’s he will make up the diference, b/c he was a littel LEERY of Sam’s intent and he does not like the name WILLEM. He said it reminded him of the movie of the guy with the RAT’S, named WILLERD, and I do NOT like rat’s either. FOOEY, b/c they are all over the city, near me b/c they are buildeing the second avenue subway!
Myrna loved the matza ball soup and we finaly got home Sunday in time to go to the MUSEUM. YAY! I love MUSEUM’s b/c there is a lot of stuff in there I have NEVER seen before. The guard there followed me from room to room as if I was goeing to steal something! I asked him what he was doeing and he said “walkeing”, but I think he was just stareing at me and Myrna, b/c Myrna is very cute and she was weareing a very cute outfit.
Now the manageing partner has asked me to start planning our move. He said he want’s to go Digital, but I think he does NOT want to pay for the space for our library. FOOEY! I need to do research, but How can I do it w/o a library? He does NOT read book’s and Frank surf’s the Internet, so that leave’s me to do all the work. FOOEY!

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  1. Be careful and keep your knees together or you will wind up with no man and many dirty sheets to wash. Most guys will con their way into our panties, and having been "humped and dumped" by a few guys want you not to repeat my errors. Stay away from Sam and Willem. Bankers are notorious for sowing their seeds in gullible women. David may not be a movie star but he won't disappear if he impregnates you.

    Finally, forget the 3 bedroom with a pool in NYC. Unless you are a Nicole Kidman, it is out of reach, even if you are an expert