Saturday, September 28, 2013

thru my walkeing and fitbit

We already had the broad brushstrokes of Dad's complete control over just about every tangible component of Ellen's life, but this (successfully!) numbered list is helpful for the specifics. 

As for why Dad needs to entrust these jobs to another man and won't give them up until Ellen finds one, we knew that--she's been getting more and more direct in this acknowledgment ever since the Sunshine Girls first proposed it. Retirement on the horizon is a major added incentive for DAD. 

I suppose it goes without saying that when Ed leaves Rosa for the babysitter, Dad will be back in business immediately, starting with choosing her divorce lawyer and placing him/her on a leash. If Ellen's potential marriage also falls apart quickly, we need to know whether Leyeh will expect the $50k to be repaid, and if so whether with interest and so on. 

I recomend you do what my dad did. He took 100% control of my finance’s, and put’s me on a BUDGET.
1) Dad must pre-APPROVE all expenses BEFORE I spend any money
2) Dad get’s all of my bills and pay’s them for me
3) Dad get’s automatic deposit of my salary from the manageing partner and
4) Dad control’s my 401(k) and other investment account with Merrell Lynch
5) Dad negoteate’s my salary and benefit’s with the manageing partner, includeing my partnership terms –Yay!
6) Dad oversee’s my health by monitoring my exercize and mileage on my FITBIT (Fooey!)
Right now, Dad is lookeing for another man to take this over from him, which is how he got out of doeing this for Rosa. Because Rosa got MARRIED to Ed, Dad has been insisting that I find a guy like Ed to MARRY me so that I do NOT have to do this, and he will NOT let me even try to do this myself.
So because I have a man to do all of this for me, I can focus myself on my work, become an excelent litiegator, and also a great cookie baker. I also am workeing on slimming down my tuchus thru my walkeing and fitbit. If I am abel to get a guy to MARRY me and have a baby soon, Grandma Leyeh will give me $50K. YAY!
I do NOT think you need to do all of these thing’s, but if you get a guy to do all of these for you, will become a great litiegator like me, become a partner, get MARRIED, and let him do all of the work. YAY!!!!


  1. Ellen is not sackworthy let alone spouseworthy. She's loud and opinionated, can not cook or clean and probably spends almost all that she earns. None of her qualities are attractive to guys unless she's fantastic in bed, which given all the whining, I doubt. And her father is a terror that most guys would stay far away from. Ed is the exception, likely because Rosa is the sexual dynamo most guys can only wish for. I think Ellen should tone down her demands and marry the first sap she is able to get in the sack--even the jerk from the Parks Department should be looking good.

    1. Disagree. Why should she settle? She is accomplished and pretty. She deserves more than a run of the mill schlub who will just hop on top of her at night, get off, then roll over to sleep without any consideration of her needs. I say to hell with guys who do not take care of us emotionally and physically. No sex for these men.