Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Alan in RECOVERIE? Or at least remor'se?]


Oh so many thanks to Steph for drawing my attention to the coment's below (original source here.) I had seen Ellen's initial post and don't think I bothered to blog it, but I'm certainly sorry I missed Alan's doubel appearances a few months later. Firstly, it's been quite some time since we'd heard from the lad directly--at least by my intel. Secondly, marvel at the change in attitude between June and December! From unrepentant drunkard to witsfully reflective? Is this even the same guy? (Yes, it is all the same guy always. Shut up and play along.)

I did omit a few unrelated comments from others in between Ellen's post and Alan's first, but Alan1 and Alan2 are indeed consecutive. Is he trying to repent toward Ellen using the only forum where she's confirmed to exist? Did she change her phone number and filter all his emails after they broke up--thus he's stuck with the comments section as his only mode of communication? If so, duh, we need to know whether she saw it and if so how she reacted. Perhaps this will be her initial heads-up and ELLENWatch will get an exclusive first take!

Recall that since last year Alan does apparently have a girlfreind and also, last Ellen knew, seemed still to be employed. The pining for Ellen could use some explanation, as well as what seems to be an admission that he was fired. For those just tuning in, Alan is a CPA, though at times in the past it did seem his professional license might have been at risk due to the boozin'.

No word from Ellen herself on Corporette today. My guess is it's all in moderation, but we'll see tomorrow. 


Ellen Barshevsky from Bay Ridge says:
Oy! What's a mother to do?
March 22, 2012, 5:51 pm
Alan from Brooklyn Heights says:
What's a little alchohol to the young adults? After they are b'mitzva'ed, they should be able to have a little drink, no?
June 3, 2012, 9:15 am
Alan Sheketovits from Brooklyn Heights says:
This is the road to doom. I personally started to go down hill after starting to drink, and having easy access to alcohol is the problem. As a victim, I too want to figure out a solution to the alcohol issue. It has cost me the woman I could have married as well as a good job, that I cannot replace.
Dec. 22, 2012, 8:11 am

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  1. Alan has to be the dumbest tsadik this side of the Mississipi for letting Ellen slip away. A gal with looks brains and gel is nary is nary impossible to find and this shmuck lost her! I have no sympathy for any drunk, but especially one who is Jewish -- he should be held to a higher standard. Now he is sleeping with others but it's clear that his heart (and loins) remain emotionally attached to our Ellen. Dumb ass!