Monday, September 16, 2013

I realy do NOT like goieng

Yep, that would be Evan she's talking about (probably--I don't think we ever got the exact location of the Matzo Ball, but all other factors line up neatly). Was she still undecided about going when she posted this? Is she out with David as I type? 

Hug’s! This sound’s like me when I take any time off b/c no one else but me does ANY legal research, and I am the only one that goe’s into court, except once or twice when the manageing partner filled in for me when I went to Saint Louis.
David is trying to get back into my good grace’s and he has DAD pusheing. I did NOT want to tell dad about WILLEM, after he scowled about RAT’s and how Willerd was a rat lover. I think I might have to see that MOVIE, if it is on DEMAND at TIME WARNER.
David want’s me to meet him tonite at a place in Chelsea. I realy do NOT like goieng somewhere I have not been by myself. He is down there for Busness, but I do NOT know the area. I did go to a party there where some Internet wonk picked me up and wanted to date me. I think his name was Evan, or mabye some other name, but I recall he was snooty and had very BAD BREATHE, and some times picked his nose, tho he said he had alot of money. I do NOT want money if a guy has bad breathe or pick’s his nose. Sam is another one like him. What is it with men who pick their nose in public? It is GROSS.
What does the hive think about a guy with money who does NOT take care of oral hygene? I think bad teeth and bad breathe are deal breaker’s. What does the HIVE think? I hope you agree so I can tell dad.

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