Sunday, September 29, 2013


So Ellen and her father are still not speaking unless you count this incident of suddenly grabbing the phone out of mom's hands to make a FORBIDEDENCE. Given Ellen's increasing stridency with him lately, I'm still pleased with this trajectory. Something had to give, and it's not surprising that it's more like a mounting leak than an explosion. 

I asked for the judge's nephew's name, and we got it. Thanks freind. 

Yay! Open thread’s! I love open thread’s!!!! As for the OP, none of us like billable hour’s! If you onley have 1800 hours, that is not to bad. The manageing partner wants us to go up to 4000 next year when we move uptown. You should learn to bill for everything you do so you can UP your billeable’s. My manageing partner has be billeing PORTAL TO PORTAL, so if I have a hearing in court lasting onley 30 minutes, I can bill 3 hours, which include’s traveling down to court, sitteing waiting for my cases to be called, the hearing itself for each case, then lunch (including the bill), and travel back. If I do 6 cases, I can get 18 hours out of it plus the cost of 6 lunche’s, even tho I am onley out for 3 hours!!!! So it can add up quick, if you know how to do the math.
This weekend, I am goeing with Myrna to look for a new computer. The manageing partner said he would take my Macbook air into inventory at the firm and have the teck guy fix it to operate on our LAN. So I am thinkeing I will need a new Apple, mabye a Macbook PRO to keep at my home office. Myrna say’s it is going to cost me over $2000 for the RETNA model and I want a big fixed disk for all my photo’s and Itune’s!!!! I told Mom and she told dad, and dad says he will look and NOT to buy anything without first clearing it with him b/c he know’s he can get it from a guy in the busness. I told mom that Apple does NOT discount, so Dad got on the phone and FORBIDED me from buying anything without getting his pre-approval. FOOEY! I will STILL go to the Apple store to look. He can’t prevent me from lookeing! The teck guy is here now fooling around with my Macbook Air, which the manageing partner is giveing me $800 for in cash!!!!!
The judge’s nephew left a message for me. His name is Micheal, and owns an Italian deli in Queen’s. I have to call him back, and while I do love deli, not that kind. To bad he does not own Pastrami Queen, 2nd Avenue Deli or Mendy’s or I would MARRY him tomorrow! FOOEY!


  1. The price of access may be too high. Even though Shecotovitz was able to, he bolted for a more accommodating squeeze, and I don't see a hit parade of winners lining up to get a chance with her. This should be a lesson to all females, especially those over 30 to be much more deferential and accommodating to men, or they will simply find a more nubile 22 year old to hook up with.

    1. No, it is a reason for us not to be deferential, or to sleep with jerks who then leave us, as they will if they are jerks, even if we do accede to their sexual desires. If I were to give any women over 30 advice, it would be to clamp their knees together until they were sure to get a guy to marry them before letting them screw them. All we wind up doing is cleaning the sheets after these guys with microwankers come and then go. Screw that!