Saturday, September 28, 2013

sitteing in the office

Another scam on Dad. All's fair in this particular context, say I. But don't lend the fitbit to Myrna on the day of her TRY-ATHELON or he may FIGGER it out!

FOOEY on Snow! Snow ruines my leather boot’s and sometimes get’s into them and my stocking’s get all wet and smelley. Also, it is VERY slippery in New York City when it snow’s so peeople have to be VERY CARFUL when they cross the street. Finaly, if it snow’s after a dog makes poopie, you do NOT even know until you step in it, and then you have to take it to the COBBLER’s to clean and polish your shoe’s all over again. DOUBEL SMELLEY FOOEY!
For now it is VERY nice and I am keepeing up with my fitbit requirement to do 6,000 step’s a day (this include’s everything I do all day, even when I am sitteing in the office, if I move the fitbit say’s I did a step. YAY, b/c Dad does NOT know that, and he sends me a TEXT if he sees I did NOT do my 6000 steps. FOOEY. I lent my fitbit to Myrna last week and she did 23,000 steps and Dad was so happy. I did not tell him who did it. All he sees on the INTERNET is that I did so many steps each day. I will have to loan it to Myrna a few day’s a week so that I meet my 42,000 QUOTTA. Otherwise, Dad will not advance my weekeley spending allowance. FOOEY!
For NOW, I just got back from Court where the Judge granted 4 of my motion’s and granted the plainetiff a CONTINUENCE on one other motion b/c he could NOT find his CLEINT to respond in time. I think his CLEINT might be illegal, so mabye he went back some where instead of comeing into court. YAY!
No men have called or texted for 24 hours! YAY! I can fineally get some work done! DOUBEL YAY!


  1. This Myrna sounds like she could be worth a night in the sack!

    1. Not with you, jerkoff. That is all you will be able to do.