Thursday, September 19, 2013

do NOT want to hear from peeople

To Hel-lo's question: I responded in comments, but here again is Poll #2 wherein most readers said they thought Ellen had remained Ellen since her very inception, or at the very least has been the same person throughout her Corporette career. I also got a little technical, with help, to compare posts for stylistic consistency. Before you make fun, remember you're reading a blog about Ellen, which in turn I am writing.

For my $.02 on this issue, as Kat would say, close observers notice that too many of Ellen's details are stable across posts for unconnected people to have managed, especially over years rather than months. We've had a few obvious aberrations, but otherwise I am in the school of one dedicated troll rather than numerous dilettantes. Furthermore, with great respect to Susedna, I do not agree with the dichotomy proposed below (see highlight). I have a tab called "practical Advice," and perusing these posts--in which Ellen either asks for or gives advice from/to other readers--one most often sees that said tips are combined with exactly the same kind of rambling anecdotes that characterize her other comments. In other words, she's never able to stay on any topic other than her own life for longer than a paragraph or two. This afternoon's comment, posted here, is actually a pared-down illustration!

Thank's for playing, as always,

UPDATE: Angela's suggestion is just the latest hilarious addition to our collection of idle theories about the Kat-Ellen relationship. There's no actual mystery there, but the guesses just keep getting better: Kat tacitly condones Ellen--> Kat is actually herself Ellen--> Kat has some kind of contract with Ellen. Keep 'em coming!

Ellen :
While I am similar to you age-wise I really DO need a husband in order to have children quickly, so that is where we think different from each other on that score. I do think though that if you do NOT want to hear from peeople that seem to look funny at you just b/c you are NOT with a man, yet, tell them FOOEY and move on, b/c you are your own person and you do NOT have to rely on a man to be complete.
I think if you wait for the RIGHT guy, he WILL come along, and your attitude will change. I wish you the best of luck and hopefulley you will have BOTH a great carreer as well as an understanding husband, who will love and cherish you, and NOT cheat on you or go drinkeing with other guys, like my Alan did. FOOEY on him!
  • Do we think that Ellen is always posted by the same person? I’ve been getting a vibe lately that the Ellen posts might be posted by different people/copycats.


  1. I think it's the same Ellen though she's gotten a lot more saavy since her ABA days. I also think she and Kat go back to law school.

    1. Look at you, repeating my own theories back to me! I love my job.