Wednesday, September 11, 2013

when Alan was driveing his family’s mini-van

Yes, I know this is out of order and I'm missing one in the sequence. I need a bit more time for relevant linking on that one, but not to worry. I caught it; it's coming. 

I've kind of missed Alan's mother as a character, so it was nice to see her featured here if only in a tiny cameo. Yes, this means I would like future posts to involve Mrs. Sheketovits. Perhaps she and Ellen should run into each other and discuss his new squeeze, or she even makes a phone call to her favorite among her son's exes? TIA.

Hug’s to you. It is terible when these thing’s happen, and it is good that you called the POLICE. Once when Alan was driveing his family’s mini-van, he stepped on the brake’s instead of the gas and someone hit us in the rear. The lady was tale-gateing Alan, but it realy was Alan’s fault for hitting the brake’s all of a sudden. The lady said that she wanted a policeman to look at the damage so we called the police. They wrote up a report and Alan gave a copy to his mother, and that is all I know about it. So you see it can happen to any one, includeing Alan. So dont worry, the insurance company’s will work it out and you will NOT have to go to court and if they say they are injured they will need a lawyer to bring a case, and they would have to find one to take the case. FOOEY on all men who are HOOLIGAN’s! FOOEY!


  1. II think mother should force Alan to marry her. Women always have a soft spot for the guy who deflowers her and that presumably was him. Then she can collect her $59,000

    1. Is that extra $9k from interest or something?