Wednesday, September 11, 2013

dont text me; I will mabye text you

Thank's to commenters who called this to my attention a few days ago. It is indeed late and therefore OUT of order. The tuchus explosion could mean putting on inche's or, unfortunately, diarrhea. Not that I need more info either way.

My issue with this post is the suggestion that Ellen has been with MANAGEING & Manageing LLP for "less than 5 year's." She's been identifying herself as a fifth-year associate since 2011-12. I say this is either the professional equivalent of shaving a few years off of your age, perhaps to avoid embarrassment over not being any closer to partnership than before, OR MP has deleted a year or two from Ellen's associateship tenure and, God love her, she hasn't noticed. Either way, fooey! Somebody fish our her original offer letter and check the date on it. Please upload below.

Hug’s to you, and FOOEY on them. But Do NOT worry. I was in the same boat, MABYE worse. I also did NOT get an offer, so I went back my third year, and FORGOT all about it. Even when I gradueated, I did not have a good job, but I passed the bar. As fate would have it, I was doing PROCESS serving for a guy with alot of hair on his back when I bumped into the manageing partner in an elevator. He gave me a real legal JOB b/c he thought I had a personality. After less then 5 year’s he has offered me a partnership! So it does work out and now the manageing partner says I am indespensible! YAY!
I am FINALLY abel to go back to NYC tonite — Ed is dropping me off in the City on his way back to Chapaqua with Rosa and the babies, and Roberta is meeting me tomorrow in the Bronx – I was going to have to take the Express Bus up there to meet her, but Myrna says she will drive and Roberta is buying me DELI! Yay! I love my mom’s cooking, but I am getting fat eating all of the stuff she made me! I ate so much Matza Ball Soup that my tuchus started to explode today. It was lucky I stayed home with the babie’s b/c they ate the same soup. Dad had to meet a guy from the goverment today – something about computer security breeche’s. Fooey! Dad spends alot of time talking about things I have no clue about.
I am glad that I can forget about men this weekend. No Jim stareing at my boobies and no Harold making comments about my tuchus. Now, David is texting me again but that is it. Fortuneately, I told Sam to let me NOODLE on whether we will see each other again, and I said to him dont text me; I will mabye text you. So far so good. I am lookeing forward to a relaxing weekend with Roberta and Myrna. Have a great weekend, Kat and also the entire HIVE!!!! YAY!!!!!

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