Monday, September 9, 2013

snotty comment’s about my tuchus and mom’s tuchus

For an outing with Roberta in which man-talk was forbidden, it sure sounds like they talked alot about men. In fact, as far as we know they discussed nothing else. Why, though, had Roberta never pitched this Philly son before? It seems like an obvious move from her perspective: establish a lifelong bond with your favorite chubby fangirl and, hopefully, lure the lad back to NYC to start producing grandbabies asap. 

I wonder if I should find a HARVARD B-School guy to date? From what I have heard, they are a little less snobbey then the law school gradueate’s, but I am NOT sure that is enough to base a releationship on. Dad says that he prefer’s MIT to Harvard, if given the choice, but that I think is ONLEY b/c he went there. When I was lookeing at school’s, I went up to MIT, but found it a littel to NERDY for my taste’s.
Myrna and I went up to see Roberta to eat DELI on Sunday, and it was very nice up there. We saw Wave Hill and the HUDSON River was very clean lookeing b/c of the fresh air. By MY REQUEST, NO discussion’s of MEN were permitted. Roberta has a son who is in his late 20s, who is working in Philadephia, and she wants to set me up with him. I saw his picture and he was cute, but I do NOT want a long distance relationship, and he is YOUNGER then me, so I am NOT sure if he is mature enough for me. I need a REAL man who want’s to settel down and have a family RIGHTAWAY, and no games. Roberta knows about Grandma Leyeh’s $50,000, but she said to forget that, and that if it work’s out, she will give me $50,000 as her NEW Daughter in Law when we have a baby. I think it would be great to have Roberta as my mother in law, b/c we could have DELI every week, and Roberta has a tuchus like mom, so she would NOT be like Grandma Leyeh makeing snotty comment’s about my tuchus and mom’s tuchus b/c it came from HER side of the family. FOOEY on that! For now, I am back at my desk polisheing off the CLE slides for the manageing partner. He is goeing to try and get me to go up on the stage with him and I will get 6 credit’s for my CLE certification. YAY if he can get them. Otherwise I will have to take a CLE Class at PLI, the NYSBA or the NYCity Bar. FOOEY!

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  1. Very insightful comment about the men. Congrats! But you missed a good one on Friday's Open Threads about Ellen's tuchus exploding from matza ball soup. Another classic! You are to be commended for your good work here, and your editorializing in particular.