Saturday, September 28, 2013

instead of WATERRING it with WATER

We just want to know the final location of the new office, OKAY???

Myrna gave me a decorative PLANT for my desk, but then I got so much work that I could NOT keep it any more on my desk, so I gave it to Frank. He did NOT take care of it, and he put his COLD coffee in it at the end of the day instead of WATERRING it with WATER. The Plant died, but he still dump’s what is left of his coffee in the dirt. It is smelley and moldy and I told him he should get rid of it but give me the pot back so I can put something new in it and bring it home so MYRNA can see it again. I wish I had more room here, but it is cramped and I am doieng all the work so it is messey.
The manageing partner promised me a desk with a window and space to close my door when we move. He is leaneing toward’s a place on 3rd Avenue, but said he may ask me (and other’s) to UP our billieng’s to 3800 – 4000 hours per year. That will mean that I will probabley have to spend an extra 1/2 hour each day at my desk or at home. FOOEY!


  1. No way this woman works, let alone bills, anywhere near 4000 hours. More likely she works 1500 and can only legitimately bill 1200. Some one should turn over this email to her local bar association for investigation.

    1. I think the managing partner is the sleazy one. Ellen is only doing what she must to earn a living.