Saturday, September 28, 2013

had his assisteant tell me that the diplomat wanted to complement me.

Has anyone heard that foreign diplomat's like a white scrunchie, Nike Air's, and a few extra pounds? Myrna was probably right; it's too bad this opportunity passed so quickly. 

Sorry to be doing catch-up with such brief comment's, but in many cases there just isn't a lot to add. 

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love Fruegel Friday’s and this blouse (beleive it or not) b/c I will wear it OUTSIDE of work. A deep vee neck blouse is a VIRTUEAL invitation for Frank to take a look at my boobie’s and the last time he did that he spilled coffee on my computer. Now I am useing the manageing partners computer and it is dirty and sticky from his coffee I think.
As for the OP, there is NOTHING to worry about. If you have ever litigated a case, it is alot easier b/c you do NOT have to stand up where peeople can see all of you. You either are sitting (on a panel), or if you are standing, you have a LECTERN where all peeople see is your body from mabye your waste up. No one can stare at your legs or your tuchus and make you self consious. So If you prepare, you should be FINE. YAY!
Yesterday, I was walkeing past the Waldorf on my way home from work and a bunch of UN diplomat’s came out. One of them was stareing at me and he had his assisteant tell me that the diplomat wanted to complement me. I said I thought he was doeing a great job. He smiled and then they rushed him into a big Cadilac SUV and he drove off. I do NOT know what country they were from, but they had accent’s. I think they could have been from Europe. I told Myrna and she said I should have gotten their card’s. FOOEY b/c I was dressed all schleppey and had my Nike Air’s on, with a dress so they probably thought I was a cleaneing lady or something. At least I got a complement from a diplomat!!!! YAY!!


  1. The diplomat was NOT looking for a long term relationship. Also many of them like American women who shave their pits rather than going au naturelle. If the guy took her upstairs that would be newsworthy, but just a smile is hardly tittilating.

    1. Well she still got a complement from a big kahuna and that is what counts. Kudos to Ellen!