Monday, September 16, 2013

The guy, who spoke Haitian

When this happened to me, I asked them to fix it, b/c they seemed to GRILL the stain into my sweater. Someone (I think Alan) had spilled a little RED wine on my mohair sweater, which was white, and when my cleaneing lady brought it to them I had had her SPECEIFICALLY show them the stain and ask them if they could get it out. The guy, who spoke Haitian, said that it would be NO PROBELEM, but when my cleaneing lady came back with it, the wine stain just got bigger (about the size of a quarter!!!!
So I had the cleaneing lady go back and ask them to fix it by trying again. They tried again, but onley got it darker. They did NOT charge me but offered to “paint” it white. I said NO, and gave it to Good Will! FOOEY b/c I liked that sweater. It was bulky enough so that it did NOT show when I put on a few pound’s, but I could NOT walk around with a White Sweater with a stain on the front. FOOEY!!!
Alan got me another sweater, but it was a CHEEP one from Century 21. FOOEY! I still have it but do NOT wear it b/c it reminds me of him and drinkeing. DOUBEL FOOEY!

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