Saturday, September 14, 2013

hyfenateing our names

Yes, the link I have is so amazing that you had to wait FOUR DAY'S for it!!! Here we are with an earlier iteration of Ellen's and Alan's plans on last names, including possibel ramifications for children and adulterous deception/abandonment. Ellen's preference has remained consistent; her spelling of the word "hyphenate" has morphed. 

Commenters have recently suggested that Grandma Leyeh track Alan down and force him to marry Ellen due to their intimate history. I strongly doubt Ellen is thinking the same, but if the old woman has been planting seeds this may be our only clue. 

I agree with this. I actualy had this issue when I was thinkeing that I would be MARRIED soon to Alan, but I did NOT fall in love with his name — SHEKETOVITS. Alan SHEKETOVITS and Ellen Barshevsky. I did NOT want to be Ellen Sheketovits, and the thought of hyfenateing our names also did NOT make me happy. Sheketovits-Barshevsky he wanted, if we were to hyphenate, and I said it would be better with Barshevsky-Sheketovits, if we had to do that. Either way, it was a big FOOEY b/c Alan got mad whenever I brought up MARRAGE. FOOEY!
My Dad suggested that we drop the Sheketovits name entirely, b/c Grandma Leyeh said this was not a name of royalty in the old country, while Barshevsky was. I have NEVER found any treatises saying which names were royal, but there is a Barshevsky family tree that Grandma Leyeh maintain’s that she will not show any one. She was NOT pleased about mom’s lineage, and still think’s that she brough fat tuchuses into the bloodline, and now that they are IN, we will forever have fat tuchuses in our family. Dad agree’s, and Alan’s mother also has a fat tuchus, so mabye that is a good thing that I never MARRIED Alan. YAY!
For now, I just have to make sure I VET any prospective suitor with Grandma Leyeh. She has a 6 FACTOR analysis she use’s to see if a guy is goeing to be worthy to marry me. YAY!!!

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  1. Nice post, Ellen watch! I agree Ellen should get back with Ellen. The other guys she is not crazy for and Alan we know did have sex first with her. If Alan could ever stop drinking I am sure Ellen would put him back in the saddle. There is so suggestion Alan has found anyone of Ellen's quality (or lineage)!