Wednesday, September 11, 2013

stealing Willem as a cleint

A response, perhaps, to my remark about Willem calling Ellen's work phone rather than cell. What's going on? I suspect financially-motivated hijinks on the part of this graying businessman. Either that, or he's actually interested in Lynn. 

+1, exept the neckline is too low and Frank would be standeing over me stareing at by boobies. I would hate to have to wear a cami just to stop the stareing. FOOEY b/c he is MARRIED! He can look at his wife, not me.
Willem keeps calling here. I gave him my cell but he keeps calling and Lynn is thinking this is not work. I do not want the Manageing partner to think I am stealing Willem as a cleint from him and Madeline, tho it would be good if he gives ME new work. Yay!

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