Friday, January 17, 2014

actueally fairly bright

YAY!!!! The new associate dogging Ellen finellaly get's a name! I had suggested that she might be stalling on this because she's already used up so many common men's names in her story, and her going with "Mason" seems to vindicate me there. We'll take it, though!

More puzzeling about Mason is the fact that he's the only person to enter the narrative for quite a while who isn't an idiot. They obviously can't become friends, and I assume she thinks he's too young and green to date. So why isn't he being denigrated? Is Ellen setting herself up for a professional rivalry? 

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love fruegel Friday’s and these top’s, tho I wish they had sleeve’s in them. Frank LOVES to look thru any sleeveless top’s or dresse’s, so I do NOT buy them any more. I realy do NOT know what he think’s he is goeing to find! FOOEY!
As for the OP, having bad secretearial suport is NOT limited to big firm’s. Before Lynn, we had some woman who came from high school that chewed and popped her bubble gum when she was takeing telephone message’s! And she would NOT work on docuement’s we asked her to update and she would NOT help us with our billeings! So the manageing partner told her NOT to come back into work ever again and he gave her a month’s salary. YAY!
Mason has been following me around for the last 2 day’s like a puppy dog! Can you imageine? I think he think’s that if he follow’s me around, he will learn everthing within a week. I told him NOT to follow me into the bathroom! He at least did NOT do that. He is actueally fairly bright, tho he remind’s me a littel of Evan, that teck guy who I met who wanted to date me but picked his nose to much. I could never date a guy who had his fingers up his nose all day. FOOEY!
I am trying to figure out something different to do with MYRNA this weekend. It is to cold to ride Citibike’s I think, tho we can do that if it is not snoweing. Has anyone in the HIVE used the Citibike’s on the weekend’s? With all of the dope’s running peeople over in the city, we do NOT want to be just another statistick. DOUBEL FOOEY!


  1. Maybe he is named Mason because he lived South of the Mason-Dixon line, and if this is the case, Ellen will never hook up with him!

  2. I can outclass this guy in the sack any day of the week. And if Ellen wants to ride bicycles, I can do that, but I think she'd prefer riding in the saddle with me.