Tuesday, January 21, 2014

quickley lookes elsewhere

The only news here is about Dad's recent property acquisition. Are he and the Missus actually going to relocate? Is this just a winter digs? Does this mean the potential job at Duke is off the tabel for good? Is something up at UVA instead? 

Yay! Coffee Break! Cat these are wonderful shoe’s but I personally prefer heel’s, b/c I need to look as tall as possible in court. Men naturaly are taller then me so if I wear 3 or 4″ heel’s, I am either the same or taller then them and I am more imposeing in court. I remember that Brian is very intimidated when I am speakeing directly to him face to face, but onley when I am standeing in front of him. He is to scared to look me in the eye and quickley lookes elsewhere. I am happy that he is totaly sexless and does NOT look at my body.
The judge is alway’s lookeing at my leg’s and when it is cold out he alway’s ask’s why I come to court wearing pump’s and a skirt! I tell him b/c the manageing partner want’s me to look professional and I know the judge apreciate’s my leg’s also. I usueally also take off my jacket in court in the summer b/c it is not very well air conditeioned, but in the winter I leave it on. I know he like’s to look at my body (in a clean way) and I can make a few mistake’s w/o getting beat up like my opposeing council does!
Frank is makeing out the annual partnership return, but I am NOT part of it b/c it is for caleandar year 2013, and I was NOT a partner. Dad has requested a copy of the return when ready. I am so glad that dad is watcheing over me. I just wish he would not be pusheing me so hard to marry someone already! He has a place he is goeing to close on in Charlotesvile, VA so he is trying to get me married off ASAP. I just wish there were men out there who would marry me first and not just want to have sex with me. FOOEY! The men I know (other then Willem) want sex first. DOUBEL FOOEY!

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