Friday, January 24, 2014

Ohgrotten potatoe’s and Yummy Apple Pie

The proper partnership lunch--I like it, but I'm also a bit suspicious. Why isn't Mom coming? The combo of Dad and Leyeh make's me think this is some serious sit-down about needing to be married yesterday and/or looseing even more control over her finances. These are the common denominators on the Barshevsky side of the family, where Mom is more of a moderating force. 

I did not know previously that Alan is a year younger than Ellen. She isn't aging, so this either means Alan has passed her long since, or that he too has been the same age since ~2009. Follow-up would be great, especially since we'll be celebrating yet another numberless Ellen birthday this quarter (March). 

I need a new coat also so PLEASE post your answer when you find out from the HIVE. I need a WARM coat, prefereably NOT to puffy, but WARM! I have froze my tuchus for the last 3 days and should NEVER have given away my down coat, dad says, and now I think mabye he was right. Myrna is a doll for letting me use her fur coat, but it smell’s funny when wet. I think whatever animal it was when it was alive needed to take a bath, but they NEVER washed the fur before makeing it into this COAT. Then I slipped on the ice and fell into a snow bank full of dirt and Poopie, so it realy smells FOOEY! when wet.
The new guy has been stareing at me alot today. I think he think’s that I like him b/c Frank says that he want’s to take me out but he is way to young for me. Alan was a year younger then me and he was SO imature. Imagine me goeing out with this guy? I think he wants only to have sex with women at this stage of his life, and I do NOT want to be just a sexueal recepticel for him. I lived that once with Alan, and will NEVER let a man do that to me again. They can go buy a blow-up doll if that is all they want. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Grandma Leyeh and Dad are comeing into the City tomorow and are takeing me out to Lunch. They said I can pick the place to celebrete my partnership. I am thinking about either the Palm 2, Morton’s, Smith and Lewinsky’s or Spark’s, and a nice thick juicy STEAK with Ohgrotten potatoe’s and Yummy Apple Pie for desert !!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!


  1. It took me a couple of reads to figure out what "Ohgrotten potatoe’s" meant... Whoever is writing this stuff is very spot-on with the pronunciation, and they know how to make it as confusing as possible.

  2. Agreed. I did not understand it at first either.

  3. Heck, I'd give her some potatoes and other things to eat that would keep her very satiated. I'd pay too, which is more than other people do these days, and would not demand a quid pro quo for the first 2 dates. By the third date, she'd be dying to have me, and I would be very happy and willing to reciprocate.