Thursday, January 30, 2014

they are NOT alway’s 100% kosher theemselve’s

Wait--if I get too fat I'm supposed to switch from skirts to pants? I thought it was the other way around! Maybe MP's premise is that he wants plenty of leg to look at around the office, as long as it's SVELTE, but once you're over the line it should be all fabric? Spoken like someone whose only experience with these issues is as a spectator, that's for sure.

Hug’s to you! This, like my dad say’s, is the “nature of the beast” (whatever that mean’s)–if you are a beast, then how natural is it I say! Your billing alot of hours, like ME, and I have the same probelem — all I do all day is fix thing’s legal for my cleint’s. They usueally have a worker who is trying to get away with something, but they are NOT alway’s 100% kosher theemselve’s, so it is my job to smooth over the crappey things they are DOEING with their worker, and make the judge say that the worker is dogging it and reduce or elimineate their worker’s benefit’s.
Sometimes I feel for the worker b/c they are out of work sick, but most of the time they do NOT want to work and just want to get benefit’s. I even have invesitgatiors tail them and take picture’s. Last week, we caught a guy shoveleing snow who said he could not moove his back! I can’t wait to take this guy into court to show the judge! YAY!
But as for the OP, you will learn how to be more effective over time. RAWRR! as the hive says. YAY Hive!
Finaly, I want to commend Cat’s choice today. I totaly LOVE Tahari, and would love to wear brown with a skirt, tho, b/c pant suits are VERBOOTEN here by order of the manageing partner. If I had leg’s like Madeline, mabye he’d let me wear slack’s, but it’s strictely skirts and dresse’s for me (at least I guess until I get porky). FOOEY!


  1. Ellen has decent legs and a great body. Not too thin, but I totally go for a woman with a little meat on her bones. But I do not think of her only in a sexual way. In fact, I respect her for her mind first, and would not mind if she did put on 3 or 4 pounds in the next 10-15 years. I'd still provide great companionship for her outside the bedroom because she is a lawyer with intelligence. The fact that she has money (and her dad appears to have money) does not even enter into the equation. If I like someone, money is no object, and if I get access to her, she will never regret it.

    1. How charitable of this guy. 3-4 pounds in 15 years; meanwhile this oaf will put on 20-25, and is Ellen just supposed to put up with that? She is light and an extra 25 pounds from this slob should virtually dictate the end of the missionary position for him, that is, if Ellen does marry him and provide sexual access. More than likely, she'd have divorced him after she popped out two young 'uns, and would be collecting hefty child support -- all for the privilege of having Ellen in the marital boudoir for 3-4 years or so. If Ellen is smart, she'd do well to start thinking this way. Finding a rich guy, sleeping with him long enough to get 2 kids out of it, then clamming up and filing for divorce and child support. A virtual 20 years of support, which is not bad for maybe 3 years of coupling.