Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the lousey thing’s you said are goieng on

In a later post, Ellen alerted me/us that this had gone up late over the weekend. Thank's! Not much new here except from alter-ego Vera. In this instance she decided to share something about her mother's fall from virtue. Indeed, because this was her mom I wonder if Vera herself was the product of this neighborhood tryst? The Sunshine Girls may be abel to fill in the blanks on that...

This is kind of what I think. I had this situeation with Alan, but we were NOT married. He realized all of a sudden once he lost his job that he could JUST move in with me and let me suport him and his drinkeing and all he had to do is have sex with me and that would make it all better. But I am alot smarter then that. I knew that I could NOT go on with a drunk, even if onley as a boyfreind, and I CERTAINLEY could NEVER marry a drunk.
So it was easier for me to show him the door, even tho I am a soft person at heart. I knew that I could never live with a person who wanted ME to do all the work, espeacialy after we had kid’s. I should bear the children, do the work, shoppeing and pay all of the bills? FOOEY on that! That is where you are, and I did NOT read anything that even HINTS and the sex makeing up for the rest of the lousey thing’s you said are goieng on. So I say JUST SAY FOOEY AND MOVE ON!
No one will be upset if you do that. The alternative is that you go for 10 more years with a guy who may also wind up cheateing on you b/c you will be out workeing all day, and there will be other women willing to give him sex b/c you are not. Do not go there. Cut your losse’s and RUN if the doosh does not get a job within a month. Show him my advise and tell him that this is the ROUTE your goieng to take, and take it. YAY!!!!!!
  • Men who rely on women for support and have all day off to lounge will not hesitate to poke a local woman in need of a mans attention. This is what happened to my mom.


  1. I think this is the first true admission by Ellen that she did have actual sex with Allen. I don't think it's a bad thing, but it sure took her a long time to come out and fess up to it!

  2. Alan is a pig and Vera has seen the direct results of male philandering. I would never trust men like this because they do not respect women after they have sex with them.