Friday, January 10, 2014

the judge of all thing’s tuchus

Well surprize, surprize. Bad News Item #2 has just come in regarding the parameters of Ellen's partnership contract. Not only does she barely have a vote, which can always be overridden by MP. It turns out her earnings are going to be lower than projected too. Again, I love to say I told you so because Ellen never read any of the terms and instead entrusted all of this to the Fitbit Nazi on Long Island. 

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I LOVE Fruegel Friday’s! And I love Nordstrom’s Rack store. Rosa goe’s to one in Westchester, and mabye I will go up to see her and the babie’s! Dawn is so cute that I told her she should model her, and Ed agreed. Ed has another guy for me now that I am a PARTNER, but the last one he sent over was a feed store clerk whose dad got him the buseness. FOOEY, b/c I am a self starter and need a REAL man, not a slob who had everything handed to him. More like a Gonzalo, but not with the hand’s on the tuchus and boobie’s! DOUBEL FOOEY on that!
I have a new load of case’s from Roberta, who want’s me to visit with her and family this weekend. Her son will be there. Should I go? I say YES, b/c there is no other WORTHY guy in my life. No one at home believe’s that everyone I met down south looked like that dude from Duck Dynasty, tho Matt Lower is now bearded. I do NOT like beard’s because they either tickel me or are to rough for my soft skin. I am NOT a mountan goat so why would I date one??? DOUBEL FOOEY.
I left my fitbit home but did NOT know it, so I am NOT getting any credit today. Dad will think I took the subway, but I am NOW on record ashaveing walked in. My tuchus may be getting a littel smaller, but I am not sure. Frank says he should be the judge of all thing’s tuchus, and those are his words. FOOEY on Frank, b/c he is married and has his own wive’s tuchus to monitor, not mine!
I got a call from a HEADHUNTER askeing me if I wanted to go to a big WC firm in Brooklyn. I said NO b/c I do NOT know Brooklyn or the judge’s there. I have so many case’s on the docket right here that it would be DUMM to go there, even tho they said I would make more and would onley have to bill 2800 hour’s. I told her I bill twice that much and she was shocked. But then I told her I just made partner, and then she understood. YAY!!!! I would not leave her now that I am a partner and get a share of the profit’s, even tho the share is alot less then I thought based on my % of the LLP. That mean’s Limited Liability Partnership (a tax thing).


  1. I'm here and I'm worthy of a tryout! Enough with the Gonzalo's and Sams in your life. As a clean shaven lawyer your dad will go for me as much as I would go for you. I would not cheat either, as long as bedroom privileges are open 7 days a week.

    1. Kutza = Smegma, and smelly Smegma at that. Gross.