Friday, January 24, 2014

So kudo’s to me

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love fruegel Friday’s and this BOW TIE TEE SHIRT! Great Pick, Cat — I am forwearding this on to my sister and to Lynn, who would look very cute in this.
As to the OP, you are doieng everything right. You are already MARRIED, and to a lawyer, who will probabley make alot of money in big law (as will you, until you get pregnant and have a child, which is great). Just make sure that your husband keep’s his eye’s out for an inhouse job, b/c after a few year’s, he can probabley get a job in house, like Roberta, where he can have steady work, make almost as much money, and not have to worry about geting booted out when he does not make partner. Just tell him to grab the first in house job he can b/c he can then have more time to come home early every night and take care of your baby, when you have one, and you make sure to stay on the job until you have a baby, then get time off on the firm’s FMLA policy (which is the law, I know b/c of Rosa, who used this to get time off before she quit her job at Nordstrom’s).
I do not have this b/c I am not in Big law. I am in WC law, and the onley one in my law firm that has compentence in the area. The manageing partner used to be our WC litiegeator but he stopped reading up on the law back in the 1980′s, so he is stale on alot of thing’s. Beside’s he does not want to appear in front of his law school freind, who is now a WC judge, so he has me doing all the court room stuff for the last 3 year’s, and the judge really likes my leg’s! So kudo’s to me b/c I win almost every one of my cases in front of him. ( not so much in the Bronx and Brookelyn court’s — FOOEY).
I kind of think the new guy is makeing a play for Lynn, and I think they went out last night. He keep’s peekeing over to her and she keep’s smileing back. I wonder if they did anything? Lynn lives in Queen’s and he live’s in the Village somewhere. I will keep my eye’s open and ask Frank later to see if there is anything goeing on. I think it might be good for Lynn b/c she has been goieng out with some seedy peeople from the buildeing and near her, but they will NOT be abel to provide for her the way a workeing lawyer can.


  1. Rosa worked at Nordstrom's? Perhaps this is where she met Ed -- shopping for a pair of Docksiders? OMG, I can just picture Rosa batting her eyelashes and charming the pants off of Ed in the shoe department! In any event, she does not appear to have the post-graduate education that Ellen has, which permitted Ellen to be where she is now. But she doesn't need any of that -- she did well also; a doting spouse, kids, big house in the country with a picket fence, and a huge SUV to track through the backwoods of the suburbs. Will Ellen ever have this life? Would she really ever take it if it presented itself? I don't think so. Witness the foregone opportunity with the feed store manager!

  2. Rosa must really be hot. There simply are no barkers working at Nordstroms, so I think I can't go wrong if they let me into this family. If I get the chance, maybe I can prove myself to the family and once having that "in" get Ellen to go along. If you have the address / phone for old man Barshevsky, please post it and I will call him directly. Unfortunately, I don't see any listed number for any of them. I don't know Ed's last name and don't see any Rosa Barshevsky's anywhere on the Internet. Help me out Ellenwatch! Ellen deserves me! Make it happen and I'll find a guy for you too if you want. Come on, spill, Ellenwatch!

    1. Believe me, if I had contact info for Ellen's father I would have plastered it all over the internet years ago. I would absolutely love to unleash you and all your compatriots on this man. Unfortunately, everyone involved is equally fictional, so he no more has a phone number than you have a phone to call him.

      Rosa I might protect if it came down to it, but traditional trophy that she is I am certain she's taken Ed's last name (which we don't know). So no help there either.