Friday, January 17, 2014

I had this big galoop

Thank's, PHX, you make an astute point. I wonder how different Ellen's online narrative would be today if she was a fed...

This is a good idea — that is to stand up when you are intervieweing on the phone. It also is NOT a bad idea when you are interviewing in Person if the guy intervieweing you is taller then you and standing b/c you do NOT want him to be lookeing down your blouse. FOOEY!
That is why when I interviewed at the Department of the INTERIOR, I had this big galoop — about 6 foot 6, ask me alot of question’s but he was standing up and walkening around the office when he was interviewing me. A bunch of times he walked behind me and was peekeing down my blouse (which was NOT very open to begin with), so when he would NOT sit down, I got up myself and went to the window and asked about the buildeing and wehether there were lawyer’s office’s that looked out to the OUTSIDE of the mall, not just to another window. He thought about it but did NOT answer me. You will NOT have that probelem if you are interviewing over the phone, but it is still a good idea. YAY!!
  • Ellen – it *was* the Department of the INTERIOR, so I would not have expected windows to look to the OUTSIDE of the mall.

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  1. I would not peek down Ellen's blouse at work largely because I could count on her parading around my apartment wearing nothing but a smile. Come on, Ellen watch. If you're so prescient, set us up and Ellen will never whine again. Whimper, maybe, but not whine!