Thursday, January 30, 2014

[Yanoula #2]

Ellen may have left Alan in the du'st long ago, but some of her alter egos are still slumming. Another reason she's such a shining example to other fictional phantasms, I suppose. 

I would not put up with this. There is no way any of these hot women would even look at my boyfriend let alone sleep with him, so why should I be compared to them. The day I get Justin Timberlake to date me is the day I say Sayanara to my fat and sloppy boyfriend!


  1. I would never tap this witch even if she looked like Katy Perry.

    1. I'll bet you would. Men talk a big line, but if Katy Perry were to come on to you, I would bet your pants would be around your ankles in no time flat. Of course there is virtually no chance of her coming on to you like that because I read she took a purity pledge.