Tuesday, January 7, 2014

all the nites it kept his hand’s warm

Well, yes. Just about every family has a judgmental and boorish patriarch who knows it all and constantly propounds it to everyone in the vicinity. (Most families indeed have several.) But this post went up late and thus missed the hundreds of replies that would have come otherwise.

Not sure why Willem even believes Ellen would go shopping with him; kind of surprised to hear that Myrna wear's fur.

Hugs! You will do fine. Best to stay WARM even if not as fashioneabel. Dad says if you don’t that you’re snotteing all over is even LESS sexy and I agree. The Manageing partner is doeing that today but he has Margie to take care of him so he doesn’t care who he snots on. FOOEY!
We have a partners meeting off sight tomorrow so I need to look nice. Myrna loaned me her fur coat b/c I was cold. Willem offered to shop with me but I am to busy now. Mom says DAD is giveing her grief over her tuchus. She told him to remember all the nites it kept his hand’s warm. DOUBEL FOOEY! On dad that is b/c all of a sudden Dad is cranky at us.
Were other’s in the HIVE affected by a cranky dad?

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  1. Ellen's dad is a dick. He is probably busy ogling young women at the health club and is no longer happy with his wife's tuchus after 30+ years, even tho he got 2 gorgeous daughters out of her. The fact that he had sex overseas while engaged makes him particular odious. Mom should deny him any future pleasures, oral or otherwise.