Friday, January 10, 2014

NO imaculate conception

As several readers and I remarked, it was indeed an IMPOSTER who announced her pregnancy on Corporette yesterday. Leyeh's $50,000 has been delivered, therefore, not as a prize for single motherhood (she had already stipulated she would not fund that) but as a reward for making partner/consolation in the acknowledgment that Ellen is never going to be able to trick anyone into marrying her. Two cheers for remaining a one-person household and bringing in a bit of extra money to offset all of MP's inevitable fleecing in the year(s) ahead.

I need to ask my dad b/c he does everything. Actually, I am not even sure what my morgage is b/c dad pay’s for it. My salary goes into my ACCOUNT, and my expenses go OUT of my account and once in a while, Dad ask’s me to sign thing’s for the ACCOUNT.
I want the HIVE to know there is another Ellen going around saying she is PREGNANT. That is NOT me. I have NOT even had s-e-x with a guy since Alan. So there is NO imaculate conception going on in the Barshevsky house either. I wish that I was, mabye, but that require’s an intervention from a man, and I have YET to find a man worthy of fathering my child, and that man would have to MARRY me first. FOOEY on men that would JUST want to impregenate me and then walk away. I am NOT that kind of girl. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Where is the man that will MARRY me? That is the question of the year, Grandma Leyeh say’s! Yay for Grandma Leyeh. Her $50K wire to my bank went thru! DOUBEL YAY!!!!!

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  1. I may not marry her but I sure want to do some horizontal calisthenics with Ellen. It's been a long time for her and she has much pent up energy below to let loose! Count me in!