Friday, January 10, 2014

NEVER seemed to be an issue until RECENTELEY

I'm sure I don't know either. But is this, as they say, a "thing"? January is National "Your Woman's Butt is Too Big" month? I know we have the ritual holiday weight gain, but is Ellen referring to something more? 

Kudo’s to you! I do NOT have that many pound’s to lose, but I love the FITBIT! Dad make’s me work out every day and he has put togther a programme that LETS me get my 10,000 step’s EVERY DAY, but if I don’t he says that I will NEVER find a man to marry me (other then guy’s like Gonzalo, who LOVE women with “shelf’s” for tuchuses.
Dad also says he want’s mom to lighten her tuchus, and I don’t understand why. Mom has always had a big tuchus, and that NEVER seemed to be an issue until RECENTELEY. Why now is her tuchus an issue? Does this come up this time of year with other men who look at their wive’s tuchus and say it is to big? How should we deal with guy’s who say our tuchuse’s are to big?

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  1. There is nothing finer than a fit woman, and I'd be happy to help Ellen shed a few pounds. I've learned the Horizontal Hora since I moved to NY and would be honored to teach Ellen that as well as other things in the boudoir. Some of those women at the firm who post here should if honest attest to my skills.