Friday, January 10, 2014

kid’s who Grandma Leyeh will be able to make latkey’s for

Yay! Open thread’s! I love open threads! And this clutch is cute, but NOT very practiceal for me.
As for the OP, I do NOT think that if you are not dateing seriously (or even PRE-engaged in college) that it is cheateing if you kiss or make out with another guy. After all, you are NOT, at that point comitted, even if later you do wind up marrying him. It is great if you later MARRY him, but you should NOT tell what you were doeing long before hand b/c it will only cause troubel. FOOEY!
Now after you are out of college and you are seriously dateing (and haveing sex, even if not full sex), then if your guy start’s fooleing around with another woman, it is bad new’s and you should dump him. Also, if you should later marry him, you will first have to determine where and with who he has been (mentally, as well as physically). That is why I will insist on a full STD test before I ever go to bed with a new guy, b/c who knows where his winkie has been. DOUBEL FOOEY if he want’s me to do anything with a diseased winkie.
This weekend, I have to get all of my paper’s together so that dad can do my tax return’s with the accountant. I do NOT think I have many paper’s b/c dad get’s them, but dad wants me to talk with the coop about some tax form. I forget the form # but dad will email it to me. There is something about a tax abatement that I get, but that is bookepping stuff, not that I really care b/c dad is handeling it.
Jim came out of the wood work with some cases. Haven’t heard from him in along time. YAY b/c the manageing partner said I will get 20% of the profit’s on each NEW case I bring in. Dad said he put that in the agreement, but I do NOT have time to read that agreement. Dad said he does so much for me that I really won’t have to find a guy to suport me as long as I work here. But I need a guy to MARRY me so that I can have kid’s who Grandma Leyeh will be able to make latkey’s for. YAY!!!


  1. Yowza! This one is for me! And if it's true that she hasn't been with anyone since Allen, then I'm there! She'll be a whole lot fresher than the herd of cows I've been plowing at the firm and she has money. Set us up, ellenwatch, please? And don't listen to the sows I see on this blog demeaning me. They sure enjoyed it when I gave them their obligatory pleasures, but no more. Even Vinnie has minimum standards beneath I will no longer venture ever again! Please ellenwatch get me an entree and Ellen will be singing from the top of Orgasmic Mountain.

  2. Personally, I would stay away from a guy like this. Once a woman succumbs to his "charms" and provides access to a worm like this, he will, after saitiating himself, move on after branding the woman as a slut.

    1. Protect Ellen from this guy's wiener!