Friday, January 24, 2014

VERY jelous and posesssive

I count three S's there. I'm picturing Madeline hissing at Ellen when she was a new hire, for example. 

This is the first time Ellen has mentioned wearing jeans, to my knowledge. I didn't know she was so hip! Again, she met MP in an elevator when she was in his building running errand's for her former boss. 

I agree with AG. ALWAYS wear a skirt; NEVER PANT’S or a PANTSUIT. FOOEY! You look much more feminine in a dress–that is what the manageing partner taught me even tho the first time I met him I was weareing jean’s! I think he saw the posibility of me workeing for him in a skirt so he hired me.
The onley thing you have to watch out for — at the interview stage, is NOT to wear a short skirt, especialy if you are interviewing with women, b/c they get VERY jelous and posesssive of the men in the office and immediately think that if you are hired, that you will be very seductive of THEIR men, even tho the men are NOT attractive to you.
So wear a conservative skirt and you should be fine. Once you get the job, you can wear shorter skirt’s and like me, very short skirt’s when you go to Court. YAY!!!!


  1. I remember her working as a process server. A crappy job that requires nothing much more than jeans and a denim jacket.

  2. I'm glad she never had sex with Fred. Mason sounds like trouble.

    1. What do you care, SSG, you care only about yourself and how you were scorned by Jonathan XXXXX, who banged you then turned you out like an old worn sheet! Let Ellen live her life, and if possible, let her meet and greet me. Once we date, she may not have the inclination to post any more about her travails with men because she'd be so happy with me.